Easy Up On-the-go baby booster seat Pink Heart

With the compact and portable booster seat Easy Up, your
baby can sit comfortably on any chair. Light, simple and easy
to use, everywhere !
PREMIUM COMFORT: Inside Easy Up is a large compressed foam, not common in competing products. This makes Easy Up more comfortable for your child, thus feeding becomes a happy and easy activity. Straps are carefully positioned in the product to keep baby secure without interfering his natural movement.
PRACTICAL: Easy Up focuses on what matters - feeding your baby safely and comfortably. Gimmicks are fun for a while but end up missing the goal. Nobody really wants to carry around a dity bag, or have his child seat on an uncomfortable surface just for some storage space.
EASY TO CLEAN: Easy Up fabric is coated with a transparent layer of plastic. Cleaning is a breeze! Just wipe with a damp cloth and you're good to go. Easy Up buckles are high quality. Product is designed with parents in mind.
SAFETY FIRST: Easy Up is sturdy, no tipping over the product as long as safety guidelines are followed. The inside foam is covered like a pillow with a zipper to keep away from child's reach. Attach Easy Up to both pieces of the chair, its bottom and back-rest. Place baby in Easy Up 3 point security straps and secure your toddler safely.
FUNCTIONAL: Easy Up works on most chairs by using adjustable straps. Suitable for small and big toddlers.
PORTABLE: Easy Up is lightweight. Using the stiched transport handle it is easy to carry and use everywhere you go.

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